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“I am so thankful to be able to peek in on my little man! I love Childrens Lighthouse!

Kenlee F.

Full Time Mom!

“Being out of state, it is so wonderful to check in on my grandson and know that he is happy at school. Thank you pb&j for this amazing experience!”

Martha D.


“Peanut Butter and Jelly TV is the best thing on sliced Bread!”

Ashley S.

Speech Therapist, Mom of Two!

“I absolutely love PB&J TV! There is NO MORE calling the daycare center and taking up the time they could be spending with my children.”

Dave R.


A 21st Century Management Tool

Multi-View Training goes Mobile! The Learning Blocks℠ Platform is a robust recording software utilized not only for security, but for training, management and customer quality assurance!

The online security of pb&j families, their children, and Child Care personnel are our highest priority.  We will always strive to deliver a comprehensive, high-performance solution with a focus on keeping our customers’ data safe, their interactions secure, and their preschool protected.

Secuirty-Details-Child Care            Best-Practices_Child-Care-Webcams

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