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Broadcast Learning℠ Initiative



It is widely recognized that effective cognitive development within the first five years of a child’s life has lasting effects on their social and intellectual progressions. This development specifically refers to the advancements that occur as a child grows in relation to being physically healthy, mentally alert, emotionally sound, and socially competent. Thus early Childhood experiences provide the foundation for these fundamental developments and the stage for all of life’s future successes.


The conceptual framework is sourced from a Harvard Research Project outlining the Complementary Learning Theorem. A reciprocating approach to fostering the social and intellectual development of a child by integrating early education and family involvement. The Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP) advocates that for childhood development to be most effective there should be two active support structures in a child’s life: ENHANCED Family Involvement and a QUALITY Early Learning program.


The Broadcast Learning™ Initiative by Peanut Butter and Jelly TV seeks to connect these two vital support systems via a technology that broadens the platform for developmental collaboration between families and early childcare providers’. Together we will pioneer an industry movement towards the modernization of Complementary Learning and the enrichment of our youth’s Early Learning experience. 

“. . . a modernized platform for developmental collaboration”

The Millennial Family

In today’s demanding 21st century economy, the traditional ‘drop in – open door policy’ is simply becoming impractical. But, by means of webcasting technology, families can still ‘drop-in’ and observe their child’s social interactions and intellectual breakthroughs. Embracing the Broadcast Learning Initiative, will enable your facility to form an enhanced alliance with families and promote the modernization of Complementary Learning.

A Partner in Learning

As discussed, active family involvement in a child’s cognitive development is essential. Given the capability to observe their child’s daily milestones with PB&J TV, mom and dad can now truly implement an enriched ‘complementary’ role in their child’s developmental phases. Empower your families to become a partner in learning.

“. . . our parents absolutely LOVE our new pb&j program.”

Tessa Holloway

Owner, Kidz Karousel

““As Long as I am in the Childcare Industry, I will be a partner with PB&J TV! They are the best!”

Mike Reynolds

Owner, Early Learning Preschool

“We originally had a webcam provider, but when we saw what PB&J TV was delivering on both a technological stand point and from the service angle, we knew they were a game changer.”

Sarah McDonald

Owner, A Place to Grow