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The Challenge!

We have spent years designing a program that not only caters to family enjoyment, but has empowered our partner centers with a tremendous BUSINESS advantage! Simply put, enroll in the pb&j TV program and see your enrollments grow. If you do not see an increase in enrollment with 90 days, you are eligible for a 100% refund. No questions asked.

Competitive Advantage

Simply put . . . 100% of pb&j TV partner facilities have significantly increased their enrollment levels with the implementation of pb&j TV!

Market Buzzzz!

Mom’s love talking about their little ones! Imagine your families bragging to their friends about the ability to enjoy in their child’s day via a technology offered by your school!

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals!

A large portion of your current clientele should be the result of references. Your parents will definitely be informing their friends about your new webcasting program!

Tour Conversions

After years of data tracking, pb&j TV has proven to significantly increase your touring conversions. In fact, 2 of every 3 new enrollments said they specifically chose their current childcare provider because of the pb&j TV webcasting program.

Service Value = Tuition Level

78% of all current partner schools increased their tuition with the addition of pb&j TV! Mom and dad are so ecstatic about the addition of pb&j TV they have no reservations about an additional $2.00, $5.00, or even $10.00/week. And the best thing is, typically only $1.00/week will cover your entire pb&j TV program!

ROI Rollover

Each schools investment is slightly unique, but there is one thing for sure… your ROI is within 6 months, sometimes less! With the enrollment boost and the opportunity to raise tuition, pb&j TV is not a COST! We are a proven revenue generating program for you and you school! Reinvest newly generated revenue back into your school.

Enrollment Retention

Statistically speaking, not only will you enjoy a spike in enrollments with the implementation of pb&j TV, but over the course of the school year, your average enrollment cycle per family is extended. Acquisition is great, but retention is FANTASTIC!

Evaluate Customer Service

Proper customer service evaluation will optimize your families’ experiences. This is tremendous when it comes to community reviews and networked testimonials by your parents! By observing your staff-to-parent interactions, you will be able ensure your staff is servicing customers to your highest standards. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty immediately!

Co-Brand Marketing

It’s more than just your name or logo, your brand transpires an emotion. Get your community excited with collaborative marketing efforts using the pb&j TV ‘LIVE’ Webcasting Program!

Website & SEO Collaboration

Search engine algorithms compute your sites rankings and visibility largely by means of link and site association. Get with our design team and opt into our Site Enhancement Package now!

Compete on the Millennial Frontier!

Just like you, there are a number of early care facilities within the available marketplace that provide a caring environment reinforced with a solid curriculum… even at a competitive rate! By leveraging what has now become one of the largest trends in our Industry, child care owners are re-establishing their competitive advantage by embracing a Webcasting program like pb&j TV. Set yourself apart by implementing a 21st century technology that truly captivates your millennial age clientele!


schools increased enrollment!


owners increased tuition!

avg. enrolled in 90 days!

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