Technology that tastes good!

The Best in Web Delivery

pb&j TV pioneered LIVE streaming technology for the Childcare Industry. Enjoy a genuine viewing experience of your child/school on the #1 viewing platform available!

Enterprise Level Security

Our top priority is delivering a comprehensive, high-performance, robust online viewing solution with an acute focus on keeping our customers’ data safe and their viewing secure.

Mobile Apps

On the go? So are we! IOS and Android apps are available for families and admin. Also, our web platform is browser agnostic – meaning you can view directly from your smart phone’s browser too!

Comprehensive Support

Simply put, we are here for you and your families. Contact us via live chat, email, phone, social media, etc for complete support ranging from network issues to password resets and account setup.

“I added 12 seats in 90 days – I will max out this year for the first time, thank you pb&j!”

Mark Sutton, Owner at Early Adventures

An Admin’s Best Friend!

The pb&j administrative dashboard was designed specifically for the Childcare Industry! Through years of experience and collaborative efforts with Industry experts, your pb&j dashboard will truly empower your management staff and provide complete control of your webcasting program.

Approve/Deny Accounts

As soon as a parent completes their quick online registration, be notified via email of any new user, and simply login to your admin dashboard to either approve, deny, or place an account on hold . . . with only a few clicks of the mouse!

Assign Room Access

Once approved – viewing access can be set for each account. Infant moms can be set to only whatch the infant room, toddlers moms to toddler rooms … and maybe a playground or café, and so on! Your staff can manage each account.

Manage Viewing Time

Review all login activity for each account (day, time, etc). Also, set viewing parameters! For example; each user can only login 15 times per day and stay logged in for 10 minutes per sessions (like an online banking time-out feature – this feature is customizable).

…and More!

“I am able to review viewing activity, login amounts, room access… I have complete oversight!”

Linda Mayes, Owner at Foundations Early Learning

Optimize Training and Management.

Increase operational efficiency by leveraging pb&j as a training tool. Evaluate teacher performance through audio and video, review and archive any incident to safeguard staff and management, and enable your management team to operate with a complete view of your entire school!

Multi-view Recording

See everything – all the time. Admin can review current activity and passed events with a few simple clicks. Our Learning Blocks software even includes audio functionality – this takes management to a whole new level!

Review on the Go? No Problem!

The same robust features enjoyed onsite are available on your mobile device too! See live activity, review passed events, and listen to audio directly through your admin mobile app.

“PB&J has allowed me to manage and train my staff in a whole new way – the marketing aspect is BONUS!”

Angie O’Malley, Owner at Discovery Kidz

Interactive Lobby Display

Start your tours off with a Wow!

Stream live video from all (or some) of your classrooms directly to a lobby TV – also, integrate your school’s social media for LIVE updates of upcoming events and activities. Even further, utilize the slideshow feature to show events during for the day/week!

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