Online Viewing Guidelines

Peanut Butter and Jelly TV, LLC


1.     Each PB & J TV End User is required to register his/her own unique account.

2.     The sharing of any password or User ID is strictly forbidden. Such actions will result in immediate suspension of service and possible indefinite termination.

3.     Each End User will possess a unique username and password that he/she will create.

4.     Personal passwords may be modified at any time.

Primary User

5.     A parent/legal guardian of a child enrolled at the center.

Secondary User

6.     A close family member of a primary user. i.e. grandma, grandpa, or aunt. Access may be granted to a secondary user once the primary user provides authorization and the registration is approved by the school’s administration.

Traffic Control

7.     Traffic Control affords all families the ability to tune into the center at any time during the day while assuring quality viewing and sensible usage.

8.     The number of daily login sessions and length of sessions are established by the childcare center’s administration. Please contact your front desk for further inquiry regarding session limits.

Room Changes

9.     Classrooms are considered private viewing areas. Families are granted access only to the classroom or classrooms that their child or children are enrolled. It is important that parents notify PB & J TV immediately when a classroom change takes place so we can afford you with speedy access into the new classroom.